What Happens When You Have No Web Server

Last Thursday we realized we were receiving no emails versus the hundreds we receive in a normal day. Then we noticed out website was down. Checking with our host we discovered they had a server crash and it would be restored shortly. Well that turned out to be a week. When it came back today, we did not get a big back log of emails. Apparently email that can not be sent is deleted from the sending server after a few attempts to connect. In some cases, the email address is deleted as a bad connection. No we have to determine who we need to reconnect with and who we can live without (spam mail for sure).

If you tried to contact us and could not we are sorrry.

Neat Blog On the Farm

Carrot Soup with Mint (or, Goat + Pig = Love)

Recent guests at the farm staying in a cabin and attending a cooking class wrote a very nice
blog about their stay. Be sure and watch the video link of the pig and goat being best friends.

It is nice that we have created an environment that is as speical to others as it is to ourselves.

Hay Savers

When it was obvious last year we were headed into a severe drought druing the summer I became concerned about having enough hay to feed even if we did reduce our herd size. After a lot of research on hay savers, feeders that reduce waste, we settled on one that quaranteed a savings of 30% of hay fed or your money back. We bought enough for all our paddocks. They saved us in a tight hay year. The cattle virtually wasted NO hay when normally 30% of every round bale got wasted. I do not know why it took me so long to buy them.

The cost of our hay, in the barn, fertilized is $43 per roll. We think our annual savings is over $6,000. This savings paid for the hay savers in one year of normal use. Laat year, the hay season was extended by four months, so we covered the cost of them and saved money and hay.

mail Hay saver after being used by 25 head of cattle for 6 months. No waste outside the ring.

mail Almost no hay left in ring at end of the season. My cap is in the middle.

mail Cattle feeding at the ring.


Wild Turkey On the Farm

We have seen a few turkey tracks ocasionally and even thought we had heard one, but this morning at out Rocky Branch Grass Ranch there was a pair; both hen and gobbler. Both obviously wild, but the gobbler was not too afraid and allowed himself to be caught and picked up. The hen had gone off into the woods. After photos, he was released and took off after the hen. Hopefully they will reproduce and we will have more turkey on the farm.



What Happened to the Berry Farmer?

This is a photo of our sons Tony, Karl and his wife Amber.

Karl started our berry farm in 2005 and much more on the farm before departing the "good life" for medical school at UTMB in Galveston.

Now he is Dr. Karl Greer, M.D. living the "really good life" north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.

He is in family practice residence at
Sutter Medical Center.

I doubt we can convince him to every leave there for a life in Texas again. Really considering that area, there is no reason to every leave there.


Wine Paring- Santa Rosa

While in California last week my son Tony and I had a wine paring at Paradise Ridge in Santa Rosa. It was really special. We had a great time father-son bonding, catching up on our lives and enjoying excellent wine.