Late update on The Mountain of God

A little behind on posts here... Gina safely completed her trip up TMOG. Not without troubles though... Gina had a small piece of lava hit her in the eye. Only a "small" piece, so no long-term damage was done. Max did not react well to the volcanic gases and had to kind of puke his way up the mountain. Really kind of sounds like a rough trip. A real pleasure cruise. Both Gina and Max said it was the most difficult thing they had ever done.

I've put together a gallery with some of their pictures.

Kaya loves her new backpack!

Progress on the cabins

Cabins are properly leveled. Roofs are on. The exteriors of the added bathrooms are complete. Now the carpenters are working on the bathroom counters, closets, and showers. Electric wiring is being installed.

Still haven't made up our minds on flooring. Any suggestions? Tile, wood, vinyl...

Lots of work completed. Lots more to do.

Poet speak

Nothing will work unless you do.

- Maya Angelou

A cowman loves hay

It's nice that our hay status has changed since the last two drought years. What a difference rain makes.

Cabins Ahoy!

What's this strange structure nestled on the shores of our lake??

Coming soon to a Greer Farm near you... two Satterwhite log cabins for vacation rental and farm stays. We are in the process of finishing out, furnishing, electrifying, heating and cooling and toilet enabling these cabins. They are both on the east shore of our lake in the pecan grove that my granddad planted (once the site of his commercial peach orchard). We need to tidy up the landscaping a bit, but hopefully by early October the cabins will be ready for your enjoyment.

Here is a photo gallery of their arrival on the property.