We Are Still Here

The summer ended with a period of extreme heat and no rain. NOT what makes anything go right on a farm and ranch. We spent all our time keeping things alive (plants and critters).

Our somewhat annual vacation was taken to California to Sonoma county north of San Francisco- wine vineyard country. Eva attended cooking classes for advanced jam making and together we attended the three day National Heirloom Farming meeting. It was a relaxed week away.

When we got home it was still hot and dry, but suddenly that was all over. 8 inches of rain on Friday changed everything. We went to the Avinger Wine Festival on Saturday and sold jams and Eva did several cooking demonstrations. Javier has been going to the Longview Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. It has been VERY slow.

Now is time to move the mama cows that are ready to have babies closer to home so we can watch them.

Life is good and we keep on keeping on.