Farm that yard!

Here is an interesting article and video in the WSJ about people in urban areas turning their front yards and those of their neighbors into mini-farms. Just dig up the grass, get out the tiller, purchase a tiny combine and get to farmin'.

I guess that's kind of what I did to my front yard, but I don't live in a zoned neighborhood with neighbors fifteen inches from me. Not a bad idea though. Most yards are a waste of space and resources. Might as well get something useful out of them.

Rather than just tilling up the whole yard, it would be more aesthetically pleasing and more acceptable to the Joneses to leave some of the familiar landscaping in place and insert edible plants here and there. Instead of bushes alongside your house you could have a row of mustard or basil. Instead of a walkway lined with monkeygrass, grow small hot peppers, etc.

Greer Farm Lakeside Cabins now taking reservations!

In case you hadn't noticed already, our cabins went live on the site last week. You will now find a description of the cabins, inside and outside pictures, area attractions and driving directions from Dallas, Shreveport, Austin, and Houston.

We've already had several guests. The responses so far have been great! We look forward to seeing many more of you, particularly during berry season!

Putting the cabins in was only the first step. In our spare time we'll be working on landscaping, installing walkways, and a new dock.

If you haven't signed up on our mailing list yet, then you just missed our spring newsletter. You should sign up now because we'll be sending out information soon about Chef Eva's cooking classes.

Thank you for all of your support. We're glad to have this new opportunity to share our farm with you.

Some long overdue pics - Snow in March

We had a freak snow "storm" way back on March 9. The snow only lasted about an hour, but it was pretty while it was there. We don't get much snow around here so you'll have to pardon our enthusiasm.