June on the Farm

June is a great month on the farm. Never enough hours to do what needs done but its the time for blueberries. We have a huge crop this year and all varities are ripe and ready for you to pick or for us to pick for you.

Our vegetable CSA is going well and we have an abundance of surplus available at the farm.

Our French/Italian meat chickens will be harvested tomorrow so soon yo can buy chicken her at the farm or perhaps delivered. It will be different than most pasture raised chicken as we are NOT using white Cornish Rocks but European breads that are said to have much more flavor and more moist meat when cooked.

We have sold the last of our beef steers of the season and taking orders for the fall/winter. We have available at the farm very lean ground beef in 1 pound vacumn seal packages. This is great beef.

Farm to Fork Cooking Class Rescheduled: Tamales

This class has been rescheduled form Augut 11 to August 25.
Farm to
August 25, 2012
(New Date)
Out of the Ordinary Tamales

Eva was born and raised in Central America and Jovita is from Mexico. Together they will share with you techniques to make the best tamales you have ever tasted using corn and banana leaves as wrappers. This is another hands on class that will make you go to the nearest store that sells tamale-cooking pots so you can share what you have learned. Tamales once made can be frozen individually and popped in the microwave or oven for a fast meal or snack. Marie Sharp's Belize habanero sauce will be available to spice up your tamales.

Black bean and corn tamales with red chili Mexican cream
Spinach and cheese tamales with poblano pesto
Chicken annato tamales
Pork and chorizo tamales with grilled tomato jalapeño salsa
Mango hibiscus ice cream