AeroGarden Expaeroment - Day 11

All the plants have sprouted. Parsley was the last one to show up to the party. It's surprising that everything came up so fast considering that the temperature in the Aerogrow room hovers around 60 to 65 degrees fahrenheit.

Sorry some of these pics are out of focus, but hopefully you get the idea.

Cilantro, coriander, whatev...

Mint julep anyone?

Purple Basil


The italian basil has grown

My AeroGarden even has a ladybug ladyfriend

AeroGarden Expaeroment - Day 5

Got my first sprout yesterday. The italian basil came up right on schedule - 4 days. It's just a little fellow right now, but one day it'll be big enough to fit in my spaghetti pot. Nothing else has popped up yet.

Italian basil sprout

Same sprout - different outfit

Same baby... different kid

Contrast this picture with a similar one taken in April 2007.

AeroGarden Expaeroment - Day 1

Whoever plants a garden, plants happiness. - Chinese Proverb

Being that I am writing as a representative of the Greer Farm I normally like to grow my plants in the dirt. But this Christmas some of our city dwelling kinfolk gave us this neat contraption called the AeroGarden. It is the "world's first indoor smart garden," enabling me to grow culinary herbs from the comfort of my living room. Plug and play gardening, if you will.

The plants are grown in a soil free medium. Water from a reservoir is pumped up to the plants and drips through the medium back into the reservoir. This process is called "aeroponics," not "hydroponics." A nutrient tablet placed into the water provides fertilization. Compact fluorescent grow bulbs provide light. The machine alerts you when water is low or when nutrients need to be added.

The seeds are purchased in kits that include little seed filled pods and plastic domes for germinating. The set I am growing first is called Gourmet Herbs and contains chives, dill, mint, parsley, cilantro, italian basil, and purple basil. The plants are arranged in a particular arrangement to favor their different growth rates and foliage. You can supposedly begin harvesting in three weeks and harvest for four to five months.

At any rate, today is Day 1 of my AeroGarden Expaeroment. I will post updates as the plants grow so you can follow along from home.

This is the AeroGarden

Closeup of seed pods

Water dripping through the plant medium into reservoir