Summer Blueberries

We pride ourselves on having the sweetest blueberries in East Texas and a berry patch that is as clean and manicured as your front yard. The berry season started two weeks early this year, but has continued on without any let up. Most all of the green berries are now turned and we are in the last few weeks of a great berry season.

Milder temperatures than most years, more cloudy days and more rain has contributed to the abundance of berries.

NOW is the time to come out and pick to eat, freeze or make jam. There is no shortage of bushes completely loaded with berries.

We are open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day of the week. Pick-Your-Own price is $3.25/pound. No pre-picked available.

The blackberries finished in June.

Fresh vegetables, farm eggs and Eva's fruit jams, perserves and sauces available.