Greer Farm Products & Prices

Effective 12-1-16
Farm Products and Prices
Subject to Availability

$7 Jelly, Jam, Sauces 8 oz.
$9 Apple Butter 8 oz.
$12 Whole Fig Preserves 16 oz.
$10 Wildflower Farm Honey 16 oz.
$7 Wildlower Farm Honey 8 oz.
$6 Natural Beef Jerky 2 oz.
$5 Green or Red Chili Powder 1oz.
$5 Farm Eggs dozen

Packaged beef, pork, lamb and chicken and Jam etc. list below

Grass Fed Beef

Beef Sausage Links

Beef rib rack

Brisket - half or whole

Fajita Meat

Ground beef  



Standing Rib Roast (4-5 ribs)  Special  Order


Roast - Chuck

Roast - Round Bottom/Top

Roast - Shoulder Arm

Roast- Pikes Peak/Rump

Short Ribs

Soup Bone Beef Shank (meaty)

Steak: Cube or Minute

Steak - Flank

Steak- Porterhouse

Steak - Rib Eye

Steak - Round (tenderized boneless)

Steak - Skirt

Steak - T Bone

Steak - Tenderloin Filet Extra Thick

Steak - Top sirloin (boneless)

Stew meat

Stock Bones


Whole Tenderloin   5-7 lbs. special order

Snack Sticks  Mild or  Spicy

Beef Jerky  - Natural


Grass Fed Lamb

Ground lamb

Kabob-Stew Meat 1 In. cubes

Lamb bones

Lamb chops

Lamb Ribs

Leg of Lamb


Rack of lamb chops (4 ribs ) special order

Square Cut Shoulder Roast

T-Bone Lamb Chop

Lamb Neck Bone

Pasture Raised Pork

Bacon smoked Regular or Peppered

Hock ends Regular or Peppered for peas or beans

Bone-In Pork Chop

Breakfast links 4 in. Mild or Spicy

Breakfast sausage 1 lb. Mild or Spicy

Breakfast sausage patties Mild or Spicy

Chorizo Sausage 1 lb. pkg

Ground pork

Ham hock, Smoked

Ham, Smoked

Links: Fresh Italian sausage links

Links:  Knockwurst

Links:  Polish sausage

Links: Bratwurst

Links: Cajun smoked  sausage

Links: Tuscan Bratwurst

Ribs:  Spare ribs

Roast: Shoulder Boston butt (Country style ribs)

Roast: Shoulder Boston butt

Sirloin Pork Roast (Bone in rack of 5 chops)

Summer Sausage   Jalapeno & cheddar smoked

Summer Sausage  Regular smoked

Pasture Raised Chicken

Bone-in breast

Bone-In thighs  

Boneless skinless  breast

Boneless thighs

Chicken livers  

Chicken sausage

Chicken wings

Ground chicken

Leg thigh quarters

Whole chicken

Meaty Chicken stock bones (2-3 per bag )
$10.00 each

Chicken feet (order- available)

Apple Butter

Blackberry Orange Jam

Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Grand Marnier Jam

Blackberry Vanilla Jam

Blackberry Jack Daniels Jam

Blackberry Lime

Blackberry Coobler

Blackberry Lavendar Jam

Blackberry Jalapeno Jam

Blackberry Cinnamon Jam

Blackberry Peach Jam

Blackberry Jelly (seedless)

Blackberry Triple Orange Jam (Grand Marnier/Triple Sec)

Blueberry Cobbler Jam

Blueberry Peach Vanilla Jam

Blueberry Crème de Menthe Jam

Blueberry Almond Jam

Blueberry Eldeberry Jelly

Blueberry Cinnamon Jam

Blueberry Jack Daniels Jam

Blueberry Jalapeno Jam

Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jelly (seedless)

Blueberry Lavender Jam

Blueberry Orange Jam

Blueberry Peach Jam

Old Fashion Fig Preserves 8 oz

Triple Orange Fig Jam

Fig Jam

Whole Fig Preserves 16 oz.

Fig Syrup

Farm Wildflower Honey (16 oz. or 8 oz.)

Green Jalapeno Pepper Jam  

Jalapeno Cowboy Candy (red 4 or green 25)

Red and Green Jalapeno Jam

Red Jalapeno Pepper Jam

Pastured Pork Leaf Lard 16 oz.

Pastured Pork Leaf Lard 8 oz.

Meyer Lemon Pear Marmalade

Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Muscadine Grape Jam

Sucpadine Grape Jam

Purple Hull Pea Jelly

Grand Marnier Peach Jam

Jack Daniels Vanilla Peach Jam

Jack Daniels Peach Jam

Peach Jam

Vanilla Peach Jam

Red Jalapeno Peach Jam

Peach Cobbler Jam

Old Fashion Cinnamon Pear Jam

Old Fashion Brandy Pear Jam

Old Fashion Ginger Pear Preserves

Old Fashioned Pear Preserves

Old Fashion Pear Jam

Red Shicoto Mild Pepper Jam

Red Plum

Strawberry Fig Preserves

Strawberry Amaretto Jam

Strawberry Orange jam

Chipotle in Adobe Sauce

Green Habanero Tomatillo Sauce

Mayan Habanero Sauce  

Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce

Blueberry Jalapeno Sauce

Blackberry Chipotle Sauce (seedless)

Blueberry Habanero Chipotle Sauce

Blueberry Chipotle Sauce

Red Jalapeno Carrot Relish