April on the Farm

April has been a difficult month. We have tried to cope with the wild weather and a hard freeze early and lighter one that have been harsh to our blueberry crop and vegetables. Vegetables will be late this year and the blueberry crop greatly diminished. The blackberries seem to be okay so far.

We are still cutting dead trees and as we have time either taking them to be made into lumber or burning them. The pastures need a lot of work to clean up the drought dead trees we have cut. the one below was one of three near the berry field that we cut last week.


We have worked hard to prepare for the summer garden letting most of the spring plants drop of four schedule. Few greens this year.

We planted tomatoes both in the gound and in buckets. Almost immediately it was 38 degrees and some died.


The orchard gardens have been planted, but the seeds are just starting to germinate.

Pasted Graphic

The house garden had a lot of winter weeds and looks good. Potatoes, garlic and onions are doing really good.


It was amazing how many weekd we pulled.

Pasted Graphic 1

Rows ready to plant.

Pasted Graphic 2

We did have a good aparagus crop this spring.

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For years we have tried to get a bluebonnet patch started and this year had success.

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The azeleas in front of the house were really special the last few weeks.


Easter Sunday we had a terrible storm with straight winds. the road was closed in both directions and power out for a few days. We lost five big trees that had to be cut and moved. Many more in the woods not seen.

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Not every hour of every day is work. We sometime find time to sit on the porch and play train.

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So live goes on on our farm. Cabins are rented, cooking classes are conducted and the animals are happy to have spring grasses to eat.