Greer Farm Products

By buying from our farm, you are interacting direct with your farmer, not a middle person or grocery store. If you visit the farm you see the food cycle for our crops, animals and poultry. We are committed to using organic practices and methods that are healthy and nutritious. We have decided not to become USDA certified and instead focus on sustainable agriculture practices using the least amount of artificial substances as possible. We encourage you to eat local and offer you the opportunity to get to know the people a local farmer.
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Our Farm Products

  • Vegetables
    Due to a shortage of labor we have not planted.

    Our vegetables gardens are sized to feed ourselves and provide surplus to share with our customers at the farm, especially during berry season, and at the Historic Longview Farmer’s Markets we participate in. We are not a large commercial operation. We do not use GMO seeds. Our goal is to deliver fresh, seasonal produce every week of the growing season tempered by our having to deal with Texas weather. Our vegetables are picked just before delivery. We grow more than common vegetables allowing you to be exposed to a variety of different vegetables.
  • Berries
    Pick-Your-Own berry farm offers a variety of rabbit eye blueberries in June into early July and several thornless varieties of blackberries late May to early July. Our berry patch is well-kept that is a safe place to pick berries for all ages. We do not use chemical or pesticide sprays on the berry bushes and brambles. Based on customer feedback, we believe we offer the best berries in northeast Texas. If our crop is abundant, some of our berries are distributed in the Dallas area.
  • Jams, Jellies & Sauces
    We produce different types of jams, jellies and sauces. This includes some very unique pepper sauces, relishes and old fashioned lard. Our fruit jams and jellies are made berries and fruit we raise on the farm or have access to from local farmers that use our same production methods. All of our canned products are made hand in small batches in our own commercial kitchen. Our jams, jellies and sauces are made the same way generations of farmers have canned. Our products are for sale at the farm.
  • Grass-Finished Beef
    We raise fullblood French Maine-Anjou cattle that have a disposition to fatten on grass, not grain. Our cattle are naturally raised without antibiotics or any growth hormones. Fresh green grass, clean water and hay in winter. Taking over twice as long to finish as grain fed cattle, we feel we offer a healthy beef alternative at a competitive price. Our beef is available by the individual, vacuum packaged, at the farm. We do not ship our packaged beef. We also offer bulk purchase of our beef by half and whole.
  • Grass-Finished Lamb
    Our grass-finished lamb is an all-natural meat we offer subject to the nature’s birth cycle. Lamb in the spring and harvest in the fall for them most part. Our lamb have never been treated with or fed any non-natural substances. The lamb we offer is not the same as what you buy in the grocery store nor is it like the lamb imported from New Zealand and Australia. We think you will appreciate the unique flavor of our lamb. Packaged lamb is available at the farm and at the Historic Longview Farmer’s Market.
  • Pastured Pork
    We raise a variety of heritage breeds of pigs. This includes Large black, Gloucester Old Spot, Red Wattle, Poland China or a mix of heritage breeds such as Berkshire. Our pigs are raised from winglets to harvest on free range pasture and forest until harvest, The pigs have access to a necessary wet wallow at all times. In addition to forage on pasture and in the forest, we offer free choice an all-natural feed that is non-gmo and non-soy based. Our pork is sold normally by the vacuum packed package, but we do take bulk purchase requests for half and whole portions subject to availability. We sell packaged meat at the farm and the Historic Longview Farmer’s Markets.
  • Free Range Eggs
    Our layer chickens are raised from day old chicks here on the farm. We use heritage brown egg breeds. The chickens are free range on a 3-1/2 acre pasture and roost and houses at night. They have available crushed oyster shell to strengthen their egg shell and free choice all natural non-soy, non-gmo grain. As a treat we toss out almost every day a bucked of all natural scratch grains. Our eggs are available at the farm, Longview farmer's market and in Dallas by delivery or at Market Provision store.
  • Pastured Chicken
    We raise our pasture poultry for meat from day old chicks in our heated brooder and then on free range grass. We offer vacuum packed chicken parts (leg quarters, thighs, breasts, chicken sausage, ground chicken, wings, and more) and cut-up or whole chickens. On occasion we run out of some chicken and have packed for us chicken raised exactly as we do by our processor, Windy Meadow Family Farm. We raise our first flock in the spring and the last is harvested in the fall. We do not attempt to raise a flock in the winter. Packaged chicken is available at the farm or at the Historic Longview Farmer’s Markets.
  • Herbs & Dried Peppers
    Not available at this time
    We offer a wide variety of fresh or dried peppers throughout the year. Our herbs are raised in Eva’s herb garden or in our vegetable gardens. Several types of peppers are raised and dried then ground as seasoning. We offer these products, subject to availability, at the farm and also the Historic Longview Farmer’s markets.
  • Flowers
    Our flower gardens occasionally provide a surplus to our own needs and we offer flowers subject to availability. This includes our many varieties of sunflowers in the summer. At this point, flowers are generally available only at the farm but could be delivered to Longview on market days.
    Not available at this time
  • Texas Wildflower Honey
    We have bee hives on the farm and nearby allowing for the natural pollination of our vegetables, flowers, berries and the wildflowers. Our bees over winter on their own honey.  Harvest is a summer activity and generally we have honey available to sell starting in June.  We normally are out of honey by late summer. Honey is sold at the farm and at the Historic Longview Farmer’s Markets.
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