Farm Product List

Grass Fed Beef
Pasture Raised Pork
Beef Sausage Links 
Bacon smoked Regular or Peppered
Beef Rib Rack
Bacon Bits for peas or beans
Brisket - half or whole
Bone-In Pork Chop
Fajita Meat
Breakfast links 4 in. Mild or Spicy
Ground Beef 
Breakfast sausage 1 lb. Mild or Spicy
Heart, Liver, Tongue
Breakfast sausage patties Mild or Spicy
Chorizo Sausage 1 lb. chub pkg or links
Roast - Chuck or Shoulder/Arm
Ground pork
Roast - Pikes Peak  or Rump
Ham hock, Smoked
Short Ribs
Fresh Italian Sausage Links or 1 lb. Chub Pkg
Soup Bone Beef Shank (meaty)
Links:  Fresh Bratwurst Links
Steak - Flank
Links: Cajun smoked  sausage links
Steak- Porterhouse
Ribs:  Spare ribs
Steak - Rib Eye (filet size)
Roast: Shoulder Boston butt (Country style ribs)
Steak - Round (tenderized boneless)
Roast: Shoulder Boston butt
Steak - New York Strip
Summer Sausage   Jalapeno & cheddar smoked
Steak - Skirt
Summer Sausage  Regular smoked
Steak - T Bone
Pork Neck Bones
Steak - Tenderloin Filet
Polish/Andouille until stock finished
Steak - Top Sirloin (boneless)
Pork Tenderloin (small)
Stew Meat

Stock Bones

Snack Sticks  (regular, spicy, pepperoni)

Beef Jerky

Beef Kabob 1 In. cubes

Chili Ground Beef

Pasture Raised Chicken
Grass Fed Lamb
Bone-in breast
4 or 8 Standing rib roast
Bone-In thighs
Long bone lamb chops (French style)
Boneless skinless  breast
Ground lamb    (SALE PRICE)    
Boneless thighs
Kabob Meat 1 In. cubes
Chicken livers 
Lamb Stew Meat
Chicken sausage
Lamb chops
Chicken wings
Lamb Ribs
Ground chicken
Boneless leg of Lamb (butterfly)
Leg thigh quarters
Leg of Lamb (half or whole)
Whole chicken
Chicken Hearts
Meaty Lamb Neck Bone
Meaty chicken stock bones
Neck Bones for Broth
Chicken feet
Lamb Organs
Smoked Chicken Sausage


AppleApple Brandy Jam
AppleApple Orange Jelly
AppleApple Butter
AppleApple Jalapeno Pepper Jam
AppleApple Chutney
AppleApple Jam
AppleApple Pie Jam
AppleApple Pepper Jam
BlackberryHoney Blackberry Jam
BlackberrySugarless Blackberry Jam (Algave)
BlackberryBlackberry Jelly (Seedless)
BlackberryBlackberry Cobbler Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Ancho Pepper Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Grand Marnier Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Jack Daniels
BlackberryBlackberry Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Lavendar Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Marmalade
BlackberryBlackberry Chiptole Sauce
BlackberryBlackberry Orange Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Peach Jam
BlackberryBlackberry Syrup
BlueberryNatural Blueberry Apple Sauce (no sugar)
BlueberryBlueberry Balsamic Black Pepper Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Cobbler Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Almond Vanilla Jam
BlueberryHoney Blueberry Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Orange Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Orange Vanilla Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Orange Jelly
BlueberryBlueberry Jelly
BlueberryBlueberry Syrup (seedless)
BlueberryBlueberry Lemon Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Mojito Jam
BlueberryOld Fashioned Blueberry Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Cinnamon Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Jack Daniels Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Hibiscus Ginger Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Chiptole Sauce
BlueberryBlueberry Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Jelly (seedless)
BlueberryBlueberry Lavender Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Peach Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Grand Mariner Jam
BlueberrySugarless Blueberry Jam
BlueberryBlueberry Lime Jam
ChowChowTexas Chow-Chow (great grandma's recipe)
ChutneySid's Tomato Chutney
ElderberryElderberry Juice
ElderberryElderberry Syrup
FigSpiced Fig Preserves
FigHoney Fig Preserves
FigBrandy Fig Preserves
FigFig Syrup
FigFig Preserves
FigWhole Figs (pint)
GuavaGuava Jam
JalapenoGreen Jalapeno Pepper Jam 
JalapenoGreen Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
JalapenoRed and Green Jalapeno Jam
JalapenoRed Jalapeno Jelly
JalapenoRed Jalapeno Pepper Jam
JalapenoJalapeno Cowboy Candy
KumquatKumquat Marmalade
Leaf LardPastured Pork Leaf Lard 16 oz.
LemonMeyer Lemon Marmalade
LemonLemon jam
MuscadineMuscadine Jelly
NectarineNectarine Jam
PeachGrand Marnier Peach Jam
PeachJack Daniels Vanilla Peach Jam
PeachJalapeno Peach Jam
PeachPeach Cobbler Jam
PeachSugar Rush Pepper Peach jam
PeachPeach Jam
PeachPeach Orange Jam
PearGinger Pear Preserves
PearCardamon Pear Butter
PearPear Jelly
PearOld Fashion Pear Preserves
PearOld Fashion Spiced Pear
PepperFresno Red Pepper Jam
PlumOld Fashion Red Plum
SauceChipotle in Adobe Sauce
SauceRed Jalapeno Pepper Sauce
StrawberryOld Fashioned Strawberry Pear Jam
StrawberryStrawberry Grand Marnier Jam
StrawberryStrawberry Jack Daniels Jam
StrawberryStrawberry Lime Jam
StrawberryStrawberry Amaretto Jam
TomatoGreen Tomato Relish (pints)
SquashPickled Yellow Squash
BrothBeef Bone Broth (pint)
BrothChicken Bone Broth (pint)

Farm to Fork Cooking Class May 5 Cinco de Mayo

Farm to Fork Cooking Class with Chef Eva
May 5, 2018

Cinco de Mayo

Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea)
Grilled Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos with
Pico do Gallo & Chipotle Lime Mayonnaise
Fried Avocado Taco with Poblano Ranch Dressing
Chorizo Breakfast Tacos with Potato Hash & Fried Eggs
Flan Caramel

At the Greer Farm near Daingerfield
11:00 am
Hands on class
Lasts about 3 hours
Reservations 903-645-3232

Farm to Fork Cooking Class April 14

Farm to Fork Cooking Class with Chef Eva
April 14 11:00 am

April in Paris
Creamy Potato Soup with Savory Cheese
Chive Bread
Quiche Maraichere with Celery, Leeks, Carrots and Red Peppers
Arugula Green Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
Eclair Cream Puff with Vanilla Pastry Cream

At the Greer Farm near Daingerfield
Hands on class
Lasts about 3 hours
Reservations 903-645-3232

March 3 Farm to Fork Cooking Class

Cooking Louisiana Style
Cream of Artichoke Soup
Chicken Bayou LaForche with Andouille Targon Cream
Pecan Rice
Mirliton (Choyate) Slaw
Cajun Pralines

At the farm near Daingerfield
11:00 am
Class last about three hours
Hands on
Lasts about 3 hours
$80.00 per person

Rental Information


Rentals are for a minimum of two nights

Prices effective July 4, 2017

All Rates are based on double occupancy

To make a reservation please call us at 903-645-3232, 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Occasionally our rural land line is out of service or difficult to hear on, so call us on our cell at 903-452-9738


There is no charge for watercraft or bicycles.

Rental Prices: All rentals are for a two night minimum. First night rental will be charged when you make a reservation. No Smoking on the farm No pets Cabins have queen bed and queen sofa bed Loft has bedroom down (twin/queen) queen in loft and queen sofa bed One toilet/shower per cabin and loft

LAKE FRONT CABINS - Maximum of 4 adults/teens per cabin
• $160 per night per cabin for two persons
• Additional person $10 per night per person
• State hotel and sales taxes 12.75% additional

  • Two lake front cabins are available

LAKE VIEW CABINS - Maximum of 4 adults/teens per cabin
• $155 per night per cabin for two persons
• Additional person $10 per night per person
• State hotel and sales taxes 12.75% additional
  • Two lake view cabins are available

LOFT APARTMENT - Nominally sleeps 7
• $165/night Loft Apartment in the shop barn for two persons. • Additional person $10 per night per person
• State hotel and sales taxes 12.75% additional
  • Two sleeping areas: bedroom down, loft up (1 twin, 2 queens, 1 queen sofa bed)

• Lake from cabin $900 per week (6 nights), two persons, $10/night each additional person
• Lake view cabin $840 per week (6 nights), two persons, $10/night each additional person
• Loft $940 per week (6 nights), two persons, $10/night each additional person
• State hotel and sales taxes 12.75% additional
• Additional person $10 per night per person

Until reservation confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice

We will charge your credit card for one nights rental when you make a reservation for two nights. For more than two nights rental or multiple cabin/loft rental 50% of rental fee must be paid as deposit when reservation made.

We understand that there can be unforeseen emergencies that could cause you to cancel your reservation, but we have only a few cabins and cannot afford to have cancellations with less than 21 days notice.

We no longer make exceptions for your not renting a reserved cabin under any circumstances.
We will charge the full cost of your rental if you are a no show. If you have a reasonable excuse and we can rent the cabin for the time you reserved it we will not charge you. If we charge you, we will consider giving you a credit for future rental on a space available basis in the near future. The cause of this change is repeated abuse by customers regarding the cancellation policy.

Once your reservation is confirmed, any cancellations will invoke the cancellation policy (full charge for the number of cabins and nights reserved)

For cancellations more than 21 days prior to date of arrival, there is no charge. We shall refund your deposit.

For cancellation within 21 days of arrival date, no refund shall be made. We will charge the full amount due for then number of nights reserved and number of cabin reserved.

At our option, we may offer a credit toward a future reservation within a specific time frame.

If we can rent the cabins after you cancel, you will not be charged.

We do not give refunds due to weather, rainy days or overcast skies or for personal reasons.

If you do not show up on the day of your reservation we will charge you for the entire rental period less the deposit you paid. No exceptions.

No refunds will be given for early departures.

Electricity, water, television and telephone outages occur occasionally they are out of our control. We will report the outages; however, no refunds will be given due to outages.
There is no refund for appliance, plumbing or mechanical failure, utility failure, or circumstances beyond our control.

We reserve the right to cancel a confirmed reservation (with good reason) at any time prior to taking occupancy of the property and in that case a full refund will be made.

Violation of any federal or state laws, farm policies or house rules are all grounds for immediate eviction without refund. This includes any form of illegal drug use, abuse of alcohol, and smoking any place on the farm.

Four cabins available in addition to the loft apartment

Maximum of four adults (adult/teens) per cabin or family with small children.

Loft Apartment has twin bed and queen futon in downstairs bedroom. Queen bed up small spiral staircase upstairs. Full sofa bed. Located near the farm house. Accommodates 7 adults/teens.

Subject to availability, we offer free range eggs at $5.00 per dozen. Greer Farm honey, jams, syrup and sauces (prices vary). Please let us know in advance of your check-in date if you desire to order egg, chicken, beef, lamb and pork which we can put in your cabin. We no longer offer homemade bread.

Children are welcome, but we do not provide blow-up beds, cots or cribs.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX or Cash

Cabin’s are self catered. Private dining is available by reservation for groups of 8 or more for dinner. Special arrangements may be possible for outdoor lunches/dinner when the weather is nice for similar sized groups. Brookshire's Grocery is a good grocery store in Daingerfield.

One Cabin is ADA compliant. Please request this cabin when you make a reservation.

We are sorry, but we accept NO PETS of any kind since our farm has many free-range animals. We have our own dogs and cats running around the property.

The Greer Farm is entirely NO SMOKING. If there is a smell of smoke in an accommodation there will be an additional fee of $250 for cleaning. Smoking allowed outside the far fences on the road.

Check In: 3:00 pm
Check-in is at the farm house south of the entrance to the cabin area/lake. Down the road to your left.
No early check-in unless by prior arrangement
If arriving after 7:00 PM, please call 903-645-3232 to make late check-in arrangements

Check Out: 11 am or later by prior arrangement

Watercraft Rules: User is responsible for damage, including loss of paddles.
Life vest (provided) must be used at all times
Use is first come first serve and watercraft are to be returned to the beach area when use is over so others may use them.

Watercraft shall not be docked on cabin side of the lake.

Swimming in the lake is at your own risk. No life guard is on duty

Bicycle Rules: User responsible for damage, except for flat tires.
Use is first come first served and bicycles should be returned to the shop after use and not left at a cabin so others may use them. We have some helmets, but recommend you furnish your own helmet

Firewood is often available on the ground near the cabins and is free.
• Oak Firewood Bundle -- $10 Please pre-order

You may not bring your own watercraft or trolling motor unless we agree in advance.
No gasoline powered watercraft allowed.
You may bring your own bicycles.

We do not furnish beach towels. Your man not use cabin white towels for swimming, beach use, sun bathing, boating or any outside use.

No glass containers of any kind are allowed in or near the lake.

Guests are financially responsible for any and all damages to or missing property while being a guest at our establishment. The Greer Farm is not responsible for lost or forgotten valuables of any kind.


It is easy to book your stay with us. Browse our website at any time for photographs, descriptions, and information about our farm and local activities. Photo albums on Facebook, Greer Farm. Once you have made a decision to stay with us, you can contact us at 903-645-3232. If you have questions please email us directly.

Once you have contacted us and made a reservation, it is not confirmed until we obtain valid credit card information.

We will charge your first night rental as soon as remake your reservation. Non refundable except per cancellation policy.

For more than two nights rental or rental of multiple cabins/loft, we will require a 50% payment at the time the reservation is made.

Reservations can be cancelled by calling 903-645-3232 or by email. You must request a confirmation by email of the cancellation.


We work very hard to maintain a quiet family atmosphere for the enjoyment of our guests. We will rent only to family groups and responsible adults over the age of 21. Any use of a cabin or the loft for purposes other than family vacations or overnight business stays must be addressed at the time of the reservation. We do not rent to youth groups without adult supervision. Adults may not rent accommodations on behalf of underage guests. In certain circumstances, a refundable security deposit will be required. Each accommodation has a maximum of four guests with the exception of children under the age of 12. We can discuss this if you have a unique situation.

ADA Compliant Cabin

We have one cabin that is ADA compliant. This cabin has a wheelchair ramp, large porch and roll or walk in shower in full ADA compliant bathroom. If you need a shower chair, please advise us in advance.


We not responsible for items left behind. If notified of an item you may have left, we will make an attempt to locate lost items, but can't guarantee that we will find them. Please check your accommodation carefully before leaving.


Pillows, Sheets and towels are provided; each cabin/loft will have the number of linens to suit the number of guests registered. We do not provide daily towel change. The beds will be made up with linens, blankets and a bed quilt. Sheets, blanket and pillows are available for the queen sofa bed. Everything will be ready prior to your arrival date. Please be sure that all linens are kept in the accommodation on your departure. You will be charged for any losses or damage. Sheets/Blanket $75. Pillow $30.


The cabins and loft are self catering. We furnish coffee, paper towels, trash bags, liquid bath soap, shampoo, and conditioner, and toilet paper.

You provide your food, flash light, charcoal, grill lighter fluid, sun block, beach towels, games, bicycles, and anything to make your stay a memorable one.

Wireless Internet Access

We have a rural DSL line into the cabin area and do our best to provide internet access in each cabin. This does not always work. If you require internet access please lets us know in advance and we can tell you if the system operating normal. We can not always guarantee access.


All of the equipment in each cabin should be in working order upon check in. Please report any problems to the office immediately. You can expect a professional and understanding attitude to problem solving, and we will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Please understand that emergencies take priority.

We ask that you leave the cabin as your found it. This includes washing your dirty dishes prior to departure. The furniture inside the cabin and outside should be left the same way in which you found it upon your arrival. It is not the duty of our cleaning service to rearrange the furniture after your departure.

Be mindful of other guest who may be here for rest and recuperation by holding down excessive noise after 10:00PM in the evenings and before 8:00AM in the mornings.