Registered Fullblood and Purebred Maine-Anjou Cattle

We raise Maine-Anjou cattle both for beef sales and for breeding purposes. We raise our beef strictly on forages with no grain inputs. A truly grass finished product.

If you are in the commercial cattle business adding Maine-Anjou genetics will help your bottom line plain and simple. A Maine-Anjou bull will add heft and tenderness when crossed with your existing cattle. Maine-Anjou cows make great mothers, provide high quality milk to their calves, and have a wonderful disposition. Weaning weights are consistently higher in Maine-Anjou crosses.

We strive to offer great genetics at a great price to assist the commercial cattlemen in producing a high quality product.

Maine-Anjou also make excellent club calves and perform well in the ring. Their easy going disposition makes them a good choice for showing.

You can see some photos of our cattle in our photo album.