Blueberry, Blackberry and Fruit Freeze Update

We have received a number of concerned calls and emails about the status of our orchard after the two late freezes. The first had temperatures in the mid 20's when the larger blueberry bushes were in full bloom. They looked pretty sad right after this. The figs looked like hot water had been tossed on them and the leaves started to turn and fall off. The plums looked better. After a week or so the blueberry bushes looked improved. The rest of the field was then in bloom and we had yet another freeze.

I think that we will have an 80% or better crop this year. Berries are starting to form and take shape. Probably with fewer berries on a bush, those that are on will be larger. The blackberry were not affected and small berries are on every vine. They look great.

If nothing else changes, we expect some blackberries the last few days of May and blueberries within ten days of that. We will send out a newsletter update when we know the dates we will be open for pick-your-own.

Young blueberry fruit, showing sepals, stigmas and styles. Like all fruit, they develop from part of a flower, in particular, the ovary. In this case, non-ovary parts are still visible. The sepals will be present even in the mature fruit.