What to do in February on a Farm?

I had a call this weekend from someone that had seen our ad on Google and they wanted to know why anyone would visit a farm in February. Since we live here, we do not give such a question much thought. February is that time of the year where the farm is thinking of waking up for Spring, but not much more than a yawn and a stretch. Buds on plants that lost their leaves in October are not all that exciting for visitors. For us, it is really exciting. It means that our blueberry, blackberry, fig, apple, plum and flowers are all getting ready to leaf out.

We can now harvest some broccoli that has grown over the winter and its the perfect time to plant a few early spring vegetables like sugar snap peas. We are skipping potatoes this year since we are on a low carb diet. If we had them later, we would for certain eat each and everyone. I suppose we could plant some for a farmer's market and sell them to those that are skinny.

Bird watching is wonderful in February. No leaves on the trees prevent you from watching so many species that are on the farm at this time. We saw our first red headed woodpecker this week. Adding bird food to the many feeders we have hanging on trees will bring the birds closer to the cabins and farmhouse. Nearby Daingerfield State Park also has many birding opportunities. We just received four new bluebird houses. One is a replacement for the one hurricane Ike landed a tree on top of and three are for our bluebird trail. The male scouts will be here in a few weeks. We will soon clean the Purple Martin houses and get them ready for their late winter scouts to check out housing. It is amazing how many birds come back to the farm year after year and nest in the same place.

Of course, you can come to the farm any time for a Texas vacation in a log cabin. We had two friends this past weekend that came back for a second visit to just relax and visit. I think they spent a few hours on the lake in a paddle boat or canoe. It is still a bit cold for a kayak if you tip over. You can not do that in the frozen north this time of the year, but on our farm there is so much to do. Imagine a nice bottle of wine, a stack of magazines (we furnish a unique mix) or a good book, music and one of our porch rockers. Just imagine the sounds of nature. Gosh, so many stars at night.

Some get a bit restless and we have miles of trails and country roads to walk or mountain bike. You can climb to the top of Greer Mountain (not so tough unless you are totally out of shape). The view is great now and it will soon be gone when the trees leaf out. Lay on the ground on a bed of oak leaves once on top and look up at the blue sky. See the hawk circling overhead? Sit on a log at Sid's place and imagine a Caddo Indian camp not so far from this site, but long ago. Dream about the primitive cabin I want to build in that grove of oaks just on the slope of the hill. No electricity, just candles. No running water, just a gutter catching rain water in a wood barrel. No toilet, just an old outhouse a bit away from. No windows, just screens. It will be a place to sleep outdoors, yet not be carried off by insects at night. I also see an Adirondack shelter or two near the cabin or on the mountain top for those times you want to do something different. Ah, what you can dream of when in the forest. Perhaps, just maybe, there is a tree house to sleep in too. You just never know when a dream becomes reality.

Ever kiss your sweetheart in the woods? The 14th is Valentine's Day and its a weekend. Rent a vacation cabin, take a long walk and just hold hands. Talk and dream. Remember and laugh. Sit in silence and watch the sun go down over the lake. Cuddle. For certain, these can be February activities on the farm.

You can watch the baby goats play. They love to jump and spin around like a helicopter. The chickens are getting back to basics and you can collect eggs and then make an omelet. Feed a steer or heifer with Sid or pamper the horses with a treat.

Pick up a jar of blackberry or fig jam from the house and have a peanut butter and jam sandwich for no reason at all.

Do you like to cook or just eat. It does not really matter. When you attend a cooking school class at the farm, the very least you do is eat and the most is learn some great culinary techniques and recipes. Chef Eva's cooking classes at the Greer Farm Culinary Institute for Food Excellence (I just made that up) are something you do not want to miss out on. There are many classes during the year. We even offer a log cabin rental discount of 20% if you take a class. How can you beat that?

Our farm is alive with activity every month. It is a vacation spot you will want to return to. Whether its birding, sitting by the lake, rocking on the cabin porch, fishing, boating, hiking, feeding animals in Old McDonald's farmyard, attending a cooking class or just doing nothing, February is an great time to have a farm stay.

So, I think I have answered the question. February may be near the end of winter, but there is oh so much to do on a visit to our farm.

Enjoy the music and the sun at Greer Farm in February.