Pasture Raised Chicken For Sale

We made a decision a few years ago to raise our own chickens to eat. After some failure, we think we have perfected the right methods with the right breed. Our chickens are raised on fresh pasture and moved every few days. In addition, the feed they have is NON-SOY and NON-GMO. You can not get any better than that. We harvest the end of May and will have frozen chicken available early June. $4/pound. They are processed in a full time USDA inspected family operated facility.

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The chickens arrive as 2 day old chicks and kept in a warm brooder until ready for the outside world. During the day they have free access to an enclosed section of fresh pasture and at night are enclosed in a hutch we move every few days for safety from night critters that will eat them. Their feed and water is also in the hutch.

We first raised white Cornish Rock chickens and found we liked nothing about them.
Green Hills Poultry web site sums up the issues we had nicely. Our greates issue is the genetically modified chick grows to harvest in 6 weeks or less and then if not immediately harvested its legs collapse and it dies under its weight.

So we looked at chickens available in the United States of European origin and raised a batch of
Freedom Rangers. These worked out very well, took almost 11 weeks to grow and the chickens were very healthy. No un-natural growth charactics. Only problem was getting the chicks from Pennsylvania. So we settled on Red Rangers with chicks available in Texas or Missouri. The Red Ranger is very similar to the Freedom Ranger, but widely available.