Halfway to somewhere

We finished half of the central circle at Rocky Branch. Would have hung all the gates but had another problem with the torch. Enough is done so that we can move the cows out there. This will be the first time our own cows have had a chance to enjoy the pastoral pleasures of the Rocky Branch Grass Ranch. There's a lot of green out there. All we lack is to set up a water trough and string some electric around the barn to keep the cows out of the hay (though I'm not sure why they'd go for the hay). They should be grazing away by tomorrow afternoon.

Don't think I mentioned it before, but we leased almost 25 acres at RB to some watermelon growers. They've got a good section of pasture plowed up. Nothing planted yet, but I'm interested in seeing how they handle that many watermelons. Get some lessons in large scale farming. The land we leased was in need of renovation so this benefits both of us. They get to grow watermelons and we get to have the field plowed and fertilized. It should be cleaned up and leveled in time for us to plant some winter pasture.

Actually I'll be growing my own 1/2 acre of melons in the berry field. Between my little field and the Rocky Branch Melon Ranch there should be more than enough to go around. I developed a real addiction to watermelon and blueberries last year. My Uncle Bear turned me onto that combo. And guess what... we'll be selling both this year. How 'bout that?