Blog pause

Haven't been as many blogs lately because I've been working on a big fencing job that is taking up most of my time. The berry season is going really well. Amber, Mom, and Dad have had to take over running things. The thorned blackberries are about done and the thornless are hitting their stride. Blueberries have peaked and are slowing down. Most of our Purple Hull peas have been sold. We may still have a few bushels this week. Zipper Cream peas will be ready in the next couple days.

I have been having a hell of a time with my watermelons. At least 1/3 of them have holes in them. I think birds are going after them. It is really frustrating to walk through the patch and have to throw out big pretty watermelons. I wish the birds could just get together and pick a few watermelons to eat completely. Instead they sample a bit of this one and then a bit of that one and leave a trail of mortally wounded melons behind them. I need to get a scarecrow, bring him to life, teach him to use a shotgun and put him to work on these birds. Lacking a proper education in Frankensteinian science I may have to settle for a fake owl. So goeth things in my watermelon world.