What will our winter be like? Weather Forecasting Greer Farm style

There as many ways to forecast the weather as there are folks around with an opinion on the subject. This includes many sayings such as "red sky in the morning, sailors warning or clear sky-cold night".

I buy the Old Farmer's Almanac every August to see what they predict for the year using their 200 year old method. For 2009-2010, it predicts December will be mild, January cold and February very cold for our region. They say the summer will be hot and dry. Dah! This is Texas. What else would you expect?

Here on the farm, we read persimmon seeds to determine what the winter will be like. This is a highly scientific and exact means of forecasting. When the first persimmon ripens you take out the seeds and split them open. This is not an easy task as the seeds are really slick. It is best accomplished by using a pliers and after the seed opens use a knife to split it in half. Your will find inside one of three things: a fork, a knife or a spoon. I am not kidding. If you see a fork it means a mild winter. If you find a knife it will be a cutting cold winter and if you find a spoon it will be a heavy winter with plenty of snow toi shovel if you live in the snow belt.

This is a seed opened last week. What do you think our winter will be like?