Started planting watermelons today. Planted five 240 ft rows of Orangeglo. There are fifteen more rows, but I'm only going to plant a little more than half. I'll plant the rest around April 30. Don't want too many melons at once.

The fellow who's leasing our land at Rocky Branch for melons was kind enough to let me borrow one of his planters. It goes behind the tractor and plants one row at a time. Much, much quicker than planting by hand. Puts out fertilizer at the same time.

Other melons I'll be planting are Jubilee, Sugar Lee, Dixie Lee, and probably a few Sugar Baby. Also planting a variety called Ali Baba that is from Iraq. Supposed to be real tasty. It's a red fleshed melon. And finally for watermelons I'll be planting a handful of Carolina Cross. These have the potential to grow up to 200 lbs. Scary.

The only non-watermelon I'm planting is called Sakata's Sweet. It's an asian melon. If I read the description right it is similar in size and growth to a cucumber with an edible rind.

The geese did fine today. No escapes. Although I did see one snap at one of the berry plants. I'll have to keep an eye on that.