Zebras On Our Farm:The Shaker Sisters

Our daughter is the Wellness Director at the Westside Tennis & Fitness club in west Houston. Last summer the club had a children's camp and as part of the camp activities had various animals. This included two baby female Grant's zebras.

Grant's zebra are the smallest of six subspecies of zebra on the high plains of Africa. They average 53 inches in height (like a small donkey), weigh 500 to 700 pounds at maturity and can live for 28 years or more.

After a lot of family discussion, it was agreed that we would bring the zebra to the farm and give them a home. We will keep you up-to-date as they mature. Eva has already been to a three day zebra training school.

There are a few things you have to watch for when being around these ladies. First, they love to show their teeth and can bite if given the chance. Second they kick both backwards and sideways. Not too long after they arrived, the smallest lady fell at my feet. I found that was a natural trait if something they fear is too near. I tripped over the zebra and my head crashed into a steel pen panel pipe. Feeling the young lady getting up, I knew she was now going to kick. I cradled my head so it would not get a blow and bam... she kicked my butt like it has never been kicked. Eva and Javier dragged me stunned out of the pen. I was seeing stars and my back side was ready to turn all shades of blue, black and yellow. I learned a lesson and since have not had any such mishaps with our new residents.

So if you have a farm stay in one of our lakeside log cabins, you can visit The Shaker Sisters. Why that name? One is called Salt and the other Pepper.