Farm to Fork Specials: Beef, Berries and Jam

Our family farm offers a variety of products both fresh and preserved. These are our current farm specials.

Farm to Fork Specials

Maine-Anjou All Natural Grass Finished Ground Beef
90/10 lean
10-19 pounds $4.75/pound
20 pounds or more $4.50/pound
Select Cuts of Grass Fed Beef
Limited quantities – Next Harvest January 2011
Call for availability
Ground beef  $5.00/pound T-bone Steak  $11.00/pound Rib Eye Steak   $13.00/pound Sirloin Steak  $10/pound Liver  $4.00/pound Short Ribs  $4.50/pound Round Steak  $6.50/pound Chuck Roast  $6.25/pound
Select Cuts of Milk Fed - Free Range Veal
Limited quantities – Next Harvest January 2011
Round Steak Cutlet $15/pound
Loin Chop/T-bone Steak $18/pound
Sirloin Steak $13/pound
Ground $7/pound
Fresh Frozen Greer Farm Blueberries
2010 June/July Crop
$25/5 pound bag

Homemade from Greer Farm Fruit
Chipolte Sauces $5
(Serve over cream cheese and crackers or as a barbecue basting sauce)
Blueberry – Chipolte
Blackberry – Chipolte
Blueberry – Habanero Chipolte
Jams & Preserves $5/$8
Blueberry – Peach Jam
Blueberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Fig Preserves with Lemon
Pear Preserves
Apple Pear Preserves
Pear Cinnamon Preserves
Syrups $8/$5
Pear Cinnamon
Apple Pear
Blueberry Pie Filling $10/quart

Pear Compote $8