The Weeks That Were: December 7 to New Years Eve

We can report that the farm is 95 percent fenced in to try and prevent wild hogs from tearing up our pastures. When finished, our only gaps are the two entrances on the driveway to the farm house and we are considering night gates for these. By years end, we had only 950 feet of completely new fence to build. When not building fences we also repaired fences at Rocky Branch tore up by raging bulls in the last breeding season and added a few stretches of new fence to make life easier there. On a farm or ranch you can never have too much fence or too few gates.

Just before Christmas we worked our cattle, sorted the breeding females into several groups, and weaned a few calves. That was one long, rainy cold day. Every time we do it I say I will build a shed over the squeeze chute and working ally, but it never gets done. When you round up the cattle to be worked (shots, worming, etc) it is either blazing hot or bone chilling cold. I had good intentions of getting bulls out by years end, but that schedule slipped.

We were graced by having our entire family home for Christmas. What a treat to all be here. The only hitch was that a vicious, and I mean vicious, 24 hour tummy bug swept through the household like a wild fire. New arrivals were struck down the day after arriving. Guests that dropped in suffered the same fate. Despite this, we all had a great time.

New Years found Eva and I home alone. We went to a dear friends home and saw in the 2010 with good food and drink and fond memories.

We hope that each of you had an equally nice holiday with your friends and family.