Chef Eva in Our Local Newspaper: Texas Cooking Classes on the Farm

Chef Eva Greer Makes Cooking Magical
The Daingerfield Bee
February 11, 2009

Chef Eva Greer mixes ingredients while explaining a dish to students at the Feb. 7 cooking class she conducted.

By Marlene J. Bohr

A love of food has evolved into teaching others the magic of cooking for a local woman. Chef Eva Greer of Daingerfield grew up in Belize and moved to the United States to attend college as a foreign student. “I attended Tulane University and also Loyola University, both in New Orleans,” Mrs. Greer said. “I was in pre-med and then changed my major to medical technology.”

Her love of cooking led her to attend the Culinary Arts at the Art Institute in Houston. “This is a God-given love for cooking that I couldn’t throw off,” Mrs. Greer said. “All my life I loved to cook. I followed my mother around when she was cooking, and then I began cooking on my own. “I went to chef school as I wanted to have something to do where I could meet people, and I could go back to doing what I loved to do. The chef school was a two-year program and I finished it, even though my family moved to London. I stayed behind to finish the last three months of school.”

Mrs. Greer said cooking is hard work.“It is hard work, but I get so involved in doing it,” she said. “I do work making up recipes. I have done that for Pilgrim’s Pride in the past. I would average between three to six recipes every three months, and all of them had to do with chicken. It got a little hard at the end.” A few years ago, Mrs. Greer began teaching cooking classes at Northeast Texas Community College. “I stopped doing that and in June of last year I started on my own,” she said. “I have had four prior classes and now am doing two more. I plan to do one or two every month.

“We have such a good time. We have some men coming to the class, and we get to eat all the time. Some classes are demonstration only as they are too large, and others are hands on. I try to mix both of them. I have had as many as 14 in a class, but I try to keep it at 12 maximum.”People have attended the classes from Dallas, Fort Worth, Paris, and Longview. “I have had a young man, age 12, who has attended two of my classes,” Mrs. Greer said. “He just loves them, and he is really into cooking. He said he wanted to come to all my classes. He was the only young person with all the adults, and it didn’t bother him at all. Many of the people who attend are good cooks already, so it is a challenge for me to have them leave with learning something from me. I give a lot of tips as we go along that aren’t in the recipes, and everyone leaves with a set of recipes.

Mrs. Greer held a class Feb. 7 on aphrodisiac foods for Valentine’s Day. The next class will be held Feb. 21 and will feature cooking Cajun for Mardi Gras.