Farm to Fork Cooking Class: Independence Day Celebration

Farm to Fork Cooking Class - Independence Day Celebration


June 29, 2013
Farm to Fork Cooking Class - Independence Day Celebration 
$85 - 11:00 am at the farm house at Greer Farm

Reservations: 903-645-3232

Imagine yourself having been a delegate to the convention writing the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, July 1776. It was a hot, humid summer.  The meetings were so secret the windows in the meeting hall were closed and covered, making the heat inside almost unbearable.  Many of the delegates had their meals at the nearby City Tavern, which still operates in its original location. Some of this class menu items were served at the City Tavern during that summer.  Others were ones that Washington, Franklin and Jefferson came to favor.  Celebrate our nation’s independence by learning to prepare these special selections.

Cornmeal Fried oysters with herb Remoulade
George Washington's West Indies Pepperpot Soup
(Served to the soldiers at Valley Forge)
Anadama Bread with French butter (a Jefferson favorite)
Benjamin Franklin’s Romaine lettuce with burgundy wine -Dijon vinaigrette
Beef & Pork pie with quick puff pastry
Thomas Jefferson’s favorite floating islands
Complementary ale