How do you stop a calf blood flow: Keep trying

We weaned and dehorned a few calves this week. Some of our cattle are polled, but most have horns that are nipped off at 6-7 months. This prevents them from using their adult horns to hurt another animal or us.

The process is pressy standard and seldom any issue arises. This time we had a calf that had a blood vessel erupt into a constant tiny flow of blood. Its head was a bloody mess by the time we saw it.

When I removed the bandage I got covered in a spray of blood. The process to stop it is to place a finger over the vein and see if it stops. It did not. Then I used a small pointed pliers and pulled out the vein. That worked to the most part. We packed the hole with a compound called blood stop and sprayed on a silver liquid bandage.

Instantly the calf was good as new; as soon as we gave its head a bath.

All in the day of a rancher.

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