Greer Farm Grass Fed Beef

Greer Farm Maine-Anjou Cattle
The very best beef one can buy
Our cattle are raised naturally on our farm
with lots of tender, loving, care
We do not feed antibiotics, growth hormones or any artificial supplements
Grass or Grain Finished Beef:  It’s Your Choice
Available by the half or split quarter
Cost depends on the size of a steer
For grass finished, about $5 per pound cut, packaged and frozen
All natural grain/grass finished about $6.00 per pound
(Grain finishing by special request)
Discounts Available: Buy Half 5%, Repeat Customer 5%, Bring a New Customer 5%
Grass finished split quarters average $500-$700
Approximately 2-1/2 normal freezer shelves
If natural grain finished, you pay extra for the cost of the grain
Too Much Beef, share a quarter family or friends
USDA packaged cuts available at the farm
If you buy from us, you know…
What you are eating
How it was raised
Where it came from
Additional information at
903-645-3232 ◦ Daingerfield, Texas ◦