Cooking Basics: The Art of Good Food

When I developed my 2009 Texas Cooking Class schedule, I included three classes focused on cooking basics for brides or those that wanted to brush up on their culinary skills. Time has changed things.

With the economy declining and people more focused on saving money, many are now buying fresh food and cooking their own meals instead of eating out. There are many articles and news programs pointing out the decline in the number of us that eat our meals away from home and the increase in those cooking with fresh food products. More surprising is the sharp increase in people preparing to plant their own garden this year. We have had several calls from those seeking guidance and at the East Texas Fruit and Vegetable Conference this year a large number of those attending were first time gardeners.

Cooking basics will help you stretch your food budget and improve the quality of your meals. It will surprise you how good home cooked meals can be and what you can save by cooking your own meals. Eating out does not have to be the only way to have a savory meal. Many are also changing their lifestyle and eating more healthy. All this means cooking from scratch with fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Did you know that most people overcook chicken, fish and pork? Just knowing the right way to cook will improve your meals instantly.

The three cooking basics classes, now scheduled for March 7, April 25 and May 16, will still be of great interest to brides, but also any new cook or someone that wants to sharpen their kitchen skills by getting back to the basics. These classes will show you how to use fresh food and reduce your need for processed ingredients. Over the course of the three classes, you will learn how to measure properly, make a gourmet salad, prepare sauces, cook with pasta and techniques to prepare fish, chicken, pork or beef. Learning to use herbs and seasonings to enhance flavor will be a special part of the classes. We will cover several techniques of cooking such as roasting, broiling, sauteing, pan searing and baking. Every class will have an easy and scrumptious dessert that everyone will be proud of.

Healthy, tasty, and enjoyable meals will be a snap to prepare after you brush up on your basic skills. These classes are sure to change your outlook on cooking, giving you a greater understanding, more comfort, and joy in the kitchen.

To make these classes more affordable, the price of a single class will be $60 and if you take all three they will be $55 each.

Classes will start at 11:00 AM at the farm. More details on each class will be posted on our website soon.

Chef Eva