Dazzled by the drizzle

More rain today. Not very productive. The P word. Was able to see that all of the melons are coming up now. The Ali Baba, Carolina Cross, and Dixielee were running behind. Took them 11 days to pop out. Had me a little worried, but Ali Baba didn't let me down.

So much cooler now that it was a week ago. Feels like a different season. That's typical Texas weather.

Several projects on the horizon. Moving the goats to their summer brush clearing job. Need to purchase some more goats to put out at Rocky Branch. Corral, fence and water system at Rocky Branch. First the corral. Take soil samples and send to lab. Need to clean up land we had cleared for pasture last year before it reverts to brush. Fencing at both farms. Always fencing. And on the 147th day we rest. Sundays too. And on rainy days we think too much.