Greer Farm Texas Grass-Fed Beef: Healthy and Safe

We have updated the information on our grass-fed beef. Based on the example from a steer harvested in the fall of 2008, the packaged cost averaged $4.29 per pound. this included all cuts, including steaks. We think our beef is superior to that you can obtain in the grocery store and you will enjoy the natural flavor of Texas grass-fed beef.

Grass-Fed 100% All Natural Texas Beef from The Greer Farm


Our Cattle

At the Greer Farm, we strive to provide the best grass-fed, all natural beef possible for our customers.  Our herd is fullblood Maine-Anjou which have a disposition to finish on grass.  Our cattle live their days in a low-stress environment rotating between pastures so they have fresh green forage.  This way of life suits the cattle and they remain naturally healthy. We do not feed antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial supplements. Our beef cattle are finished on lush Northeast Texas pastures with supplemental rich alfalfa hay.   

What Our Cattle Get

NO antibiotic-laced feed, No steroids, NO hormones, NO growth implants, NO animal by-product feed, NO preservatives and NO unhealthy feed lot confinement.             Our cattle do get lots of fresh green grass, plenty of clean water, all the shade they want under trees, all natural grain (for grain finished cattle), lots of care and daily attention, and most important lots of tender loving care.  We pamper all of our cattle in every way possible.   Grass-fed beef is healthy for you.  It is high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and beta carotene. You avoid the risk of mad cow disease.  For more info on the health benefits of grass-fed beef please see Jo Robinson's excellent site at or just Google benefits of grass-fed beef”.  Michael Pollan's book "The Omnivore's Dilemma" is another excellent source of information. Some of our customers desire traditional grain finished beef.  If you like more marbled beef, we can meet this need using all natural antibiotic-free grain at a slightly higher cost.  We do what we can to meet your needs. Cattle grain finished are fed on pasture grass and supplemented with alfalfa hay and natural grain (no artificial additives) for 60 days or more prior to harvest.  In general, grass-fed beef will be leaner, having less fat, and have a richer flavor.  There are many sources of cooking techniques for grass-fed beef.  Grain fed beef will be more marbled and tender.  Being raised on the farm, it will be distinctly different than feed lot grain finished beef.


Our cattle are humanely harvested and we use a local family owned meat processor. Our butcher takes personal interest in your order and follows old-fashioned care in preparing it.  Each piece is wrapped in plastic and white butcher paper with the date of processing, your name and the type of cut.   You can select the thickness of your steaks and roasts and make all the cutting and packaging decisions.  The shank, soup and marrow bone are also available if you like to make stock and soups. All our beef is dry aged and hangs in the cooler for at least 21 days before processing.  When beef is dry aged the meat is affected in several ways.  This process evaporates some of the moisture from the muscle creating a richer beef flavor.  Dry aging also allows the beef's natural enzymes to break down the fibrous tissue, relaxing the proteins in the muscle and naturally tenderizes the meat.   We offer our beef for sale as a single whole piece, two sides (one half) or four equal split quarters.  A split quarter has all the same cuts, but is a lesser quantity.  We offer a discount if you buy one half or more. We also offer 1/8 portion if we can find someone else to take the other 1/8 (of split quarter) Our current price is $3.00/lb based on hanging weight (plus the actual cost of grain for grain finished cattle). For example, a recent 1,290 lb. steer in the pasture weighed hanging 772 pounds after harvest.  After cutting and packaging, this was 640 lbs of finished packaged beef. A split quarter was 160 lbs of packaged beef.  This included shank bone, marrow bone and soup bone for stews and soups.   Payment is based on hanging weight.  In this example for a split quarter, you pay us $3.00 per pound, the butcher for harvest $6.25/quarter, and cutting and packaging, $0.52 per lb.  Finished, frozen and packaged beef averaged $4.29 per pound. A split quarter is about 2-1/2 freezer shelves. Many of our customers buy with their friends or family and divide a split quarter or half between themselves.  

Cuts of Beef

In this example, the actual packages received are as follows:
Brisket 1
Short Ribs 3
Chuck Roast 4
Sirloin Steak 6
Rib Eye Steak 6
Round Steak 1
Jerky Meat 4
T-bone Steak 5
Soup Bone 5
Cheek Meat 1
Marrow Bone 1
Ground Beef 36
Stew Meat 14
Liver 6
Stew meat, Ground Beef, Round Steak, and Liver in 1 pound packages. there are two steaks per package in this example.


We know you have a choice and have priced our beef to be competitive with other family farms. We believe that you will be very satisfied. If you desire to purchase beef, availability is on a first come, first serve basis.  Once we are able to confirm your order, we will request a $200 deposit. Please give us a call or email if you have any questions.  Thank you for supporting our family farm