Farmer's Don't Blog in the Dallas Morning News

I mentioned some time ago that Karl and I were interviewed for an article on farmer's blogging by a reporter from the Dallas Morning News. The article, complete with two photos, was in the business section of the DMN today. In case you do not get the paper, the caption to one photo of Karl and I said we were "like two peas in a podcast". The only item to correct is our website count. We did have over 220,000 website hits in June 2008, but not all went to the blog. This month in 24 days (before this article) we have had almost 86,000 hits and about 41,000 went to the blog. It's fun to share our story when a reporter calls and even more satisfying to know how many people have read at least one of our blogs. Some of our lakeside log cabin renters say they sat in a rocker on the porch of their cabin while here and using the wireless internet available read every blog from day one. That's quiet an accomplishment.