How to Spend a Day

Sometime between 5:00 am or so when I first fall out of sleep and before midnight when I again go to sleep I wonder how many things I did in the day. I do not think on this too long as generally I am asleep in 10 minutes or less. Tonight during dinner I mentioned I did not have time to do such and such and someone immediately said, "how do you have time for anything". How true that statement was.

My list of thngs to do is every green. It never ends. The more I add, the longer hours I put in, the more acccomplished, but stil the list grows.

Today we had to move three trailer loads of cows and calves from 45 miles away where they have been flushed, eggs harvested, embryos frozen in nitrogen and are now back with us. The doner mama cows will now need to be bred and the surrogate mother cows are hopefully safe with someone elses baby in them. We worked all day on setting up irrigation lines for the vegetable gardens. Weeding continued and weed trimming the yard by the house, barns and cabins. Two loads of trash boxes where haluled off to the burn pile. Baby chicks were taken care of. and so it goes.

I guess if I did not farm and ranch I could around and watch TV or listen to talk radio. In no time I would not be fit, probably sick and for sure fed up with the world.

For now I am going to keep on keeping on doing what I love no matter how difficult it is. For sure I know when my head hits the pillow I have not just sat aorund and done nothing all day. This is a 24/7 life, but its is my life.